Taco HTML Edit Help > Error Checking
Taco HTML Edit can check for errors in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript code. To check for errors in an open document, select "Check Document for Errors..." in the Syntax menu. A window will appear showing the results of the error check, with tabs on the left side showing a summary of results for each language checked. A detailed list of errors will appear for the selected tab. Selecting an error in the list will select and display the document location where the error occurred, and error tokens will appear in the document gutter if the option is enabled in the "General" section of Taco HTML Edit's Preferences.

With PHP and SHTML documents, Taco HTML Edit will first perform the appropriate pre-processing before checking for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript errors. For example, PHP code will be executed with the PHP command line interface, and HTML checking will then be performed on the resulting document. In these cases, the resulting document will appear in a text area below the detailed error list.

Syntax checking allows HTML5 tags and attributes by default. To disallow these items, uncheck the HTML5 Code Completion option. Taco HTML Edit performs full validation for CSS based on current working drafts of the W3C CSS3 specification. PHP error checking is performed by executing the PHP code, as if for Preview, and then reporting errors returned by the PHP command line interface. JavaScript code is checked for syntax errors, but is not executed for finding other types of errors.