Taco HTML Edit Help > HTML Insert Wizards
In Taco HTML Edit, the Insert Wizards are accessible through the "Insert" menu. These wizards make it easy to add a variety of HTML tags to a document. Each wizard requires a few simple parameters to be entered and will produce HTML markup to insert into your document.
Component Library
These are the Component Library components that can be accessed directly from the "Insert" menu:
The Color Wizard allows you to select a color from the Mac OS X color palette, and then insert the color into a document using its hexadecimal RGB value. This is useful for specifying colors in both HTML and CSS documents.
In HTML, meta tags are used to provide descriptive information about a document. These tags should appear in the <head> section of a document. The Meta Tag Wizard makes it easy to insert a few of the most common types of meta tags, including the following:
  • Document author information.
  • Document keywords and description.
  • Document refresh, where the browser will automatically refresh the document after a specified number of seconds.
Through the Advanced Tag Insert panel, you can add any HTML tag and define any valid attribute values. Also, you can edit any HTML tag in a similar manner by selecting the tag in your document and then choosing "Edit Tag..." from the "Syntax" menu (or right-clicking a tag and choosing "Edit Tag..."). Advanced Tag Insert will include HTML5 tags if they are enabled in the Code Completion Preferences.