Taco HTML Edit Help > Code Completion
Taco HTML Edit offers Code Completion for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP content. Code Completion helps you to create documents with valid syntax, without having to constantly check reference documentation or to memorize a large vocabulary of keywords. In Taco HTML Edit, there is a preference option that allows you to choose between having completions automatically suggested as you type or only having completions suggested when you choose the "Suggest Code Completion" menu command. Code Completion can also suggest completions for Code Clips that you have setup. See Code Clips for more information.
The Code Completion preferences are found in the "Editing" section of the Taco HTML Edit Preferences. With these preferences, you can customize whether or not the Code Completion panel will automatically appear while you are editing text. A choice of "Automatic" will mean that the panel appears automatically; "Manual" indicates that the panel will only appear when you select "Suggest Code Completion" from the "Syntax" menu (the keyboard shortcut is Command + Return). This option can be set differently for different file types (e.g. you can use a different setting for HTML vs. CSS files).

By default, Taco HTML Edit includes items defined in the HTML5 and CSS3 specifications in the Code Completion panel. These items can be excluded by unchecking the appropriate boxes in the Code Completions Preferences. The HTML5 setting, in addition to affecting Code Completion, determines if HTML5 is used for syntax checking and Advanced Tag Insert.
The Code Completion panel contains the suggested completions for the text you are editing. The top of the panel lists the suggested completions and includes info buttons that will access relevant documentation on the internet. The info buttons generally link to the official language specification, or to other reliable documentation sources. The bottom of the panel contains a brief description of the currently selected completion. To use the currently selected completion, press Return. You can also double-click a completion to use it. The up and down arrow keys allow you to easily navigate the completion list.

In the completion list, items are sorted alphabetically, with the exception that Code Clips always appear after other completions at the end of the list.
Some completions, such as PHP functions, insert placeholders into the document to indicate where you need to add additional text (e.g. a value for a function parameter). These placeholders appear like . When placeholders are added to your document, use the "Select Next Placeholder" menu item from the "Syntax" menu to select the next placeholder. The keyboard shortcut for this command is Command + Single Quote.