Taco HTML Edit Help > Code Clips
Code Clips are a convenient way to store and access frequently used code segments. Taco HTML Edit allows you to organize clips into groups, and you can specify a keyboard shortcut and a code completion name for each clip. Clips can be managed and inserted into documents using the commands under the "Clips" menu.
The "Clips" menu allows you to manage and to access your code clips. For information on the "Manage Clips" menu item, see Managing Code Clips. The "New Clip" menu item allows you to quickly create a new code clip, in the Code Clips Manager. If you have selected text in your document, you can choose the "New Clip From Selected" menu item. Choosing "New Clip From Selected" will allow you to name a new code clip that sets its content as the currently selected text. Finally, the "Clips" menu includes a list of all of your clips, with submenus for each clip group. Clips that are part of the "Default" group will appear directly in the top-level Clips menu. You can choose the name of a clip to insert its contents into your document.
You can access the Code Clip Manager by choosing the "Manage Clips" menu item from the "Clips" menu. In the Code Clip Manager, you can do the following:
  • Create, rename, and delete clip groups.
  • Create and edit clips.
  • Edit the Completion Name for a clip, which allows the clip to be accessed through Taco HTML Edit's Code Completion. In Code Completion, clips always appear at the end of the completion list.
  • Select a keyboard shortcut, ⌘0 to ⌘9, for a clip.
  • Enter the contents for a clip. An optional Selection Placeholder can be included in the clip's content. This placeholder indicates that rather than replacing the selected text in a document, the selected text will be moved to the location of the placeholder when the clip is inserted.