Taco HTML Edit Help > Creating Projects
In Taco HTML Edit, creating a project simply means selecting the folder the contains your web site's documents. Select "Open Project Folder..." from the "File" menu, and select the folder that contains the contents of your web site.
When you open a project, you will see a file browser on the left hand side of the project window. This file browser allows you to select files to edit. If you are using a tabbed interface for your project (a setting in the Preferences), then double-click a file to open it in a new tab. If you are not using tabs, then simply selecting the file will open it.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to find the file you're seeking in a project, especially when you have many folders. In cases like this, you may consider using Taco HTML Edit's Open Quickly feature to quickly search for a file by its name.

The file browser supports drag-and-drop for files and folders. You can drag files within a project, or between a project and the Finder. Also, dragging files into the text content of an HTML document will generate an HTML link to the file, or an img tag for an image file.
The Action Menu allows you to perform common file operations like saving, renaming, and deleting files. It also allows you to preview a file in a web browser, and show live preview. When you select a command from the Action Menu, the command is applied to the file currently selected in the file browser, which may differ from the file that you are currently editing. The commands in the Action Menu can also be accessed by right-clicking (or control-clicking) a file in the file browser.